Updating iTunes Connect MetaData just got a lot more comfortable

Connector App IconEvery iOS Developer knows the iTunes Connect interface. And I guess most of you think it could be improved at quite some points. Especially the UX and the speed. But the screenshots are probably the most annoying part, since you have to wait for each and every upload, before you can add another screenshot. Imagine you have a big app with 20+ localizations. It’s not a pleasure to manage the data in this case. But I have good news for you.

How can we improve the ITC workflow?

In the end of 2012 Apple introduced the command-line tool Transporter1. What does it? It let’s you download and upload your App MetaData as an .itmsp container. It contains an XML file with all your App MetaData (description,title,keywords,etc., but also pricing data, IAP data and GameCenter data). You can locally add screenshots to the bundle, so they will also be uploaded with Transporter. I discovered it first in the WWDC 2013 Session 306 “What’s New in iTunes Connect”. My first response: awesome!

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Rebuilding the ARTE mobile apps


We’re very proud to announce that nxtbgthng, in partnership with Novoda and Studio GOOD have been selected by ARTE, the french-german TV channel to rebuild their apps for iPhone, iPad and Android.

We are rebuilding the apps from the ground up and can’t wait to show them to you when they’re released later this year.

You can find more details in the press release in English and German, if you are curious.

Creating the four UITableViewCellStyles using AutoLayout

Example on Github: https://github.com/jaydee3/AutoLayoutCells

Are you one of those persons, who did understand the Spring & Struts layout model perfectly? One of those, who was more likely to use some additional container views to reach a specific layout than starting to learn AutoLayout? I am one of them. And still, for simple layouts, I think the Spring & Struts model is both faster and easier.

But if it comes to more complex layouts, the AutoLayout system can save you a lot of code. So in this article I want give a basic introduction to AutoLayout with InterfaceBuilder by showing how to create the four well known standard UITableViewStyles of a UITableViewCell using AutoLayout:

(Left original, right custom layouting)

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The new Screenfeeder now comes with Facebook – and is free

Screenfeeder App IconToday, we are proud to announce the release of Screenfeeder 1.5 to the App Store.

The new version lets you see your Facebook stream too, in the familiar full-screen display, using cover photos as the background. And we improved some other services too: We also added support for the App.net Global Stream, more Dribbble Debut and Everyone streams. And Screenfeeder is now available in German.

With this update we decided to make Screenfeeder available for free. The new free Screenfeeder is a universal app that exists parallel to the paid version that is also getting the 1.5 features. With the new free version one service is included: This can be any of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, App.net, Foursquare and Dribbble. You can switch between the services any time and try them all out. If you want to use more then one service at a time, you can purchase an additional service for US$ 0.99  (€0.89) – or unlock all services at once.

Screenfeeder 1.5 with a Facebook post shown on the TV and an iPad mini

The classic Screenfeeder app is still in the App Store as well and has no restrictions. You can use it just like you always could. Of course you also get Facebook support and all the features of the 1.5 release.

Instagram - iPad at Cafe

P.S.: Screenfeeder now has it’s own brand new Facebook page, so head over there and like it🙂